Two Point Campus Release Date Announced for PC and Consoles

Two Point Campus Release Date

Two Point Studios Limited and Sega Europe have announced the Two Point Campus release date for PC and Consoles. The game is going to launch on 17 May 2022, while pre-orders are available right now.

If you want a physical copy of the game, you can do so by getting it from the TwoPointCampus website. Or you can pre-purchase for PC via Steam, PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S digitally on first-party storefronts. A Nintendo Switch pre-purchase is also coming soon on the eShop.

Check out the trailer below:

Build the university of your dreams with Two Point Campus, the sim with a twist from the makers of Two Point Hospital. Build, hire staff and run an academic institution packed with wild courses.

In Two Point Campus, players will be able to build the campus of their dreams, shaping the lives of your students to give them the adventure of a lifetime, full of meaningful relationships, extracurricular activities, and education. Keeping students happy will mean good grades, increase the Campus prestige, which means you can enroll more students, and make more money.

Unlike a typical academic fare, your students in Two Point County will enjoy plenty of weird but wonderful courses, such as Gastronomy, where they will learn how to make oversized culinary delights. You also have Robotics classes for the more technologically minded students, bringing students and teachers together to build robots.

Each student comes with their own traits, so you have to make sure you cater to all their unique needs to develop them into well-rounded individuals.

If you have played Two Point Hospital, the game is pretty similar with its charming, accessible, deep management sim. However, you will be able to build the Campus from the ground up, a feature that comes in the series for the first time. This feature lets you design stylish dorms for students, lay down ornamental pathways, forests, and design the campus with easy-to-use creative tools.

If you pre-order the game right now, you can get your hands on some exclusive in-game items when it launches. And if you own Two Point Hospital and buy Two Point Campus, you will get more free in-game items like a Varsity jacket and suit of armor.

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