Skate Sim Gets Massive New Early Access Update

Session: Skate Sim Update

NACON and Crea-ture Studios have announced the release of the biggest yet update for Session: Skate Sim. Session: Skate Sim is currently available for PC players in Early Access on Steam, Xbox players via the Xbox Game Preview program, and the Epic Games Store. The latest update takes the game to a whole new level by adding a wide range of new features and improvements, further reinforcing its status as the benchmark for skateboarding simulations.

Ever since the game’s early access release, the developers have been working over during the previous months to add additional features and improvements to the game. With community feedback, the latest update brings many fan-requested features and improvements to Session: Skate Sim. At this point, over 200,000 players are providing their feedback to the team every day on which the latest update is based. Due to this sheer amount of feedback, the developers had to push the release date of the update as well.

Marc-André, co-founder of Crea-ture Studios said:

Building blocks are finally getting together and shape up into the vision we always had about this game. Players managed to exploit the early days of our game’s physics with success, and we can’t wait to see what they will now be able to unlock creatively with this new advanced version

We, at Crea-ture Studios are all extremely grateful for their support and really excited to share this update with them all.

The latest update for Session: Skate Sim improves the entire game across various levels. Some of the key features worked on include character physics which have been overhauled so that the player movements are now even more like those of real skateboarders. Combined with Full Body IK (Inverse Kinematics), the advanced animation realism has been fully optimized for delivering the best experience. The interaction between the player and the board has also been significantly improved in order to make it feel more fluid and like real skating.

Additional fixes and improvements include:

The game’s open world, which was already extensive, has been expanded with two of the best locations in the world: Jerome Avenue Banks in New York City and FDR Park in Philadelphia. The cities are also now alive with pedestrians and street activity, which further increases the in-game immersion.
Players can explore every corner of these maps as one of the five new skateboarders that have been added: Antiferg, Mark Appleyard, Billy Marks, Manny Santiago and Beagle. This brings the total number of skateboarders to nine.
Four new customizable characters have also been added to the game. In addition to the avatar, players can choose their favorite clothes and brands. Madrid Skateboards, ThankYou Skateboards, and Sugar Skate Co. are just a few examples of the iconic brands featured in the game.
For those who like to set themselves challenges, a new mode has been added to improve the game experience. By visiting different neighborhoods in the Big Apple and Philadelphia, the player can meet other skateboarders to gain access to different missions. Successfully completing new tricks earns street cred and improves reputation with sponsors.

Session: Skate Sim is currently available on both Steam and Xbox Game Preview, and you can try it out as the game develops into its final form. The developer previously shared a Community Trailer for the title which features the winners of the Session Community Clip Content.

Are you looking forward to jumping back in Session: Skate Sim to try out its biggest update yet? Let us know in the comments section below.

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