Sifu Skills Guide – Best Skills to Unlock First

Sifu Best Skills

Sifu offers a number of skills for you to unlock and use during combat and other various scenarios in the game however naturally, some of the skills are more important in the game. You will be better off in the game if you unlock these particular skills first and later get the remaining ones. We have curated this Sifu Best Skills Guide for you in which we have listed the best skills to unlock first in Sifu.

Best Skills to Unlock in Sifu

During your playthrough of Sifu, you must unlock the following skills first in the game.

Charged Backfist

The Charged Backfist unleashes a powerful punch attack that will stun any enemy and give you a window to attack them back. This is really easy to execute as well as you simply have to press and hold A to land this attack. If you can find and equip a weapon, the attack becomes unique for the weapon and deals massive damage to your enemy. For some of the weaker enemies, one hit is enough to take care of them.

Environmental Mastery

This is probably yet another one of the best skills in the game because, with the Environmental Mastery, you can pick and throw an item, weapon, or object directly from the ground. This skill eliminates the need to first pick up the object by pressing another key and then throwing them at your enemies thus shaving off precious seconds that you can use to knock down another enemy.

Ground Counter

This is an excellent attack while you are on the ground. While you are down, the Ground Counter allows you to parry incoming attacks of your enemies. This way, even when you are down, you will be able to take down your enemies and block incoming attacks. This will bring your enemies down to the ground and give you some time to return the favor.

Slide Kick

Slide Kick allows you to land a powerful slide kick while you are running at your enemies. This not only damages your enemies but also knocks them down giving you a chance of landing some more hits on them. Every time you enter into a new room or when enemies are a little bit away from you, you can run into them and perform a Slide Kick to initiate the combat sequence in style.

Strong Sweep Focus

The Strong Sweep Focus is probably one of the best Focus attacks in the game. It is a powerful strike to your enemy’s knee which knocks them down for a while. This takes one Focus meter to execute so you can use it more often than other advanced moves. Since you trip the enemies with this attack, you can also cancel incoming attacks while making sure that your enemies stay down while you return the favor with some of your own hits.

Weapon Mastery

If you love using weapons during combat, this skill will be highly useful for you. With this skill unlocked, you will be able to use your weapon until it breaks completely. Normally, when your weapon reaches its breaking point, you throw it away but with this equipped, you will be able to use your weapon beyond its normal breaking point and will even attack with the scraps of the weapon at the enemies.

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This concludes our Sifu Best Skills Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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