Sifu Shrines Guide – How to Use, Recover Health

Sifu Shrines

In Sifu, you will come across these shrines that look like small Jade Dragon Statues littered throughout the levels in various locations. These could be on tables, counters, and any other similar surface. You can access these shrines for a variety of useful purposes. We have curated this Sifu Shrines Guide for you which details everything you need to know about these shrines in Sifu.

Shrines Guide – Sifu

There are various benefits of checking into Shrines in Sifu all of which are detailed below:

Health Recovery

Every time you visit these shrines, your health will be recovered fully. This is a very important aspect of these shrines so make sure that every time you come across these shrines, even if you do not have to do anything else, you must interact with these shrines so that your health is refilled, and you are ready for the next set of combat encounters. Make sure that you interact with every shrine that comes in your way.

Unlock New Skills

Probably the most important bit of these shrines is that you will be able to view, access, and invest your XP points into skills and upgrades. There are three main upgrade nodes here which include Age, Score, and XP and you can further access your Skill Tree on these shrines to unlock new skills as well. Apart from unlocking new skills, you can level up different passive abilities here as well making these shrines a critical stop during your run.

Each of the options is mostly tied to ages so you have to take your age into account so that you do not miss anything important that you want to unlock before hitting a particular age. Depending on your playstyle, you can invest your XP and experience points in XP, Age, and Score and unlock the relative bonuses and skills. This is basically your build for your current run.

One-Time Use

Another important thing to keep in mind for these shrines is that they can be interacted with only once. If you interact with a shrine and back out to the game without doing anything, you cannot interact with the shrine again so each of these shrines is one-time use only. Make sure that once you interact with the shrine, complete all of your required tasks before you go back to the game and continue your journey.

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This concludes our Sifu Shrines Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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