Sifu Beginner’s Guide – Combat, Progression, Tips, and Tricks

Sifu Beginners Guide

If you love kung-fu games then chances are that you have been following Sifu ever since it was announced over a year ago. It is a really challenging title and one that requires a clear understanding of some of the basic game mechanics and how you should approach this brand-new PC and PlayStation exclusive. We have curated this Sifu Beginner’s Guide for you in which we have some tips and tricks for you that will certainly help you in your quest for revenge.

Beginner’s Guide – Sifu

Our Sifu Beginner’s Guide is the perfect guide if you are just starting the latest title Sifu and want to know about the title.

Always Look for Shortcuts

The world of Sifu hides plenty of things if you know where to look. Most of the shortcuts in a level are locked initially however if you explore a level completely, you will find and unlock keys that will unlock these shortcuts for you. These shortcuts lead to boss fights quickly or even lead to hidden rooms and weapons that you will find extremely useful in your journey.

Keep Progressing Despite Your Character’s Age

One of the unique aspects of Sifu is that your character gets old in the game as you progress through it. You will often find the urge to stop playing with your current player if they get too old and start with a new, younger character however you must not do this. You must continue to play with your old character as it will allow you to unlock more skills and paths. You can also revisit the previous hideouts in a new playthrough in order to improve your finishing age.

Sifu Beginners Guide

Master Parry and Avoid

The combat in Sifu plays a vital role and while attack is really important, you are no good in Sifu if you are not defending yourself from incoming attacks as well. For this very reason, two of the skills, Parry and Avoid play an important role in the game and two skills that you must learn and train very early in the game. As you progress in the game, you will have immense use of both Parry and Avoid, and because of this, practice using both moves early in the game and master both skills for the later part of the game.

Avoid Getting Surrounded

Enemies in Sifu tend to appear in groups and they will try to surround you while attacking you from all directions. Your goal should be to avoid getting surrounded by your enemies and always be on the move. This will help you as you will always have the upper ground over your enemies. Make sure that you are always dodging out of enemy groups and even vaulting over various obstacles as this will keep the enemies at bay.

Always Prioritize Your Enemies

Enemies, when they appear in groups, are varied as well. Some of them will come with weapons while some of them will prefer melee attacks. When you spot enemies with weapons, you must prioritize them and take them out first because it will reduce the threat level and also give you the option of using their weapons against the enemies. Some of the stronger enemies come with special health bars as well which could be silver or gold so you will need to watch out for such enemies.

Use Advanced Combat Skills to Thin the Crowds

Some of the advanced combat skills such as Push Back and Knock Down can help you create some space for yourself if you find yourself between a lot of enemies. These skills also allow you to thin the crowds so that you can focus on particular enemies and take them out quickly.

Boss Fight Tips

Boss fights are no slouch in Sifu and some of the bosses will absolutely annihilate you if you are not paying attention to them. Make sure to keep the following tips in your mind while you are fighting the bosses.

Always Learn the Boss’s Attack pattern

Each boss in Sifu has a specific attack pattern and some of the bosses will change their tactics the more you damage them. If you are important that you first understand and learn the fighting pattern of each boss and then attack them according. Avoid their attacks and try to figure out their attack patterns and then attack them. Until you get a good grip on the boss’s pattern, you can focus on your own defense by blocking or dodging their attacks. Once you are satisfied with yourself, you can go on the offensive.

Maintain a Balance Between Offense and Defense

Sifu has a strict policy of making the bosses tougher if you are button mashing or using overly aggressive tactics. This is true. To counter this, you must use your attack moves and defense moves in a balance and make sure that you are fighting the bosses like they are intended to. Using brute force and even trying to cheese your way out of boss fights will result in the game ramping up the difficulty and making the bosses strong against such players.

Attack During Windows

Each boss in Sifu will give you an attack window whether it is big or small. Depending on the boss that you are encountering in the game, you will either get these windows during their combos or at the end of particular moves. Once you understand their attack patterns, look for these windows and always attack the boss during this window. Do not get greedy and land a few hits and then back off to keep yourself safe from their counterattacks.

This concludes our Sifu Beginner’s Guide. Do you have some tips or tricks for us that we could use in Sifu? Let us know in the comments section below.

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