Roar into the Lunar New Year with Two Massive Events on Natural8

Natural8 Super MILLION$ Week

With the upcoming Year of the Tiger, Natural8 will host two of its most highly anticipated events: the Super MILLION$ Week and the Asia Poker League (APL). These two events will begin a few days before and last throughout the first two weeks of Lunar New Year, so you will have plenty of time to play.

Super MILLION$ Week

The ever popular Super MILLION$ Week returned on January 23 with its BIGGEST ever guaranteed prize pools and runs until February 6. The schedule contained 42 events totaling up to $40,000,000 in guaranteed prize pools. Out of the 42 events, 18 of them feature over $1,000,000 in guaranteed prize pools.

Despite Super MILLION$ Week reaching it’s final weekend of action, there are still a host of events to hop into.

Super MILLION$ Week Remaining Schedule

DATEDAYGMTEVENTBUY-INGTD February 4Fri16:30#57: Bounty Hunters HR Special $525, $150K GTD$525$150,000 February 4Fri18:00#58: Friday Night Fight $1,050, $200K GTD [Bounty 6-Max]$1,050$200,000 February 4Fri19:00#59: Short Deck Bounty High Roller $5,250, $100K GTD$5,250$100,000 February 4Fri20:00Short Deck Super High Roller $10,300, $150K GTD$10,300$150,000 February 4Fri21:00#60: Friday Heater HR $1,050, $50K GTD [Bounty Turbo]$1,050$50,000 February 5Sat16:30#61: Bounty Hunters HR Special $525, $200K GTD$525$200,000 February 5Sat18:00#62: Saturday Knockout $1,050, $200K GTD [Bounty]$1,050$200,000 February 5Sat19:00#63: High Roller $5,250, $200K GTD$5,250$200,000 February 5Sat21:00#64: Saturday Heater HR $1,050, $60K GTD [Bounty Turbo]$1,050$60,000 February 6Sun16:30#65: Bounty Hunters HR Main Event $525, $1M GTD$525$1,000,000 February 6Sun16:40Sunday Blade Bounty $5,250, $250K GTD$5,250$250,000 February 6Sun17:00#66: GGMasters High Rollers $1,050, $1M GTD$1,050$1,000,000 February 6Sun17:40#67: Omaholic Bounty HR $525, $100K GTD$525$100,000 February 6Sun18:00Super MILLION$ High Rollers $10,300, $2.5M GTD [2-Day Event]$10,300$2,500,000 February 6Sun19:00#68: Sunday Deepstack HR $5,250, $300K GTD$5,250$300,000 February 6Sun19:00#69: Sunday High Rollers Main Event $1,050, $600K GTD$1,050$600,000 February 6Sun19:10#70: Omaholic Main Event $1,050, $150K GTD$1,050$150,000 February 6Sun20:00#71: Sunday Million SHR $25,500, $2M GTD$25,500$2,000,000 February 6Sun20:10Omaholic Super High Roller $10,300, $400K GTD$10,300$400,000 February 6Sun21:00#72: Sunday Heater HR $1,050, $150K GTD [Bounty Turbo]$1,050$150,000

Asia Poker League 2022

Natural8 APL

If you are looking to celebrate the tiger year in style, check no further. The biggest series in Asia has plenty of Asian-themed events for you to play with. From January 30 through to February 13, there are 20 Jade Trophy Events that you can play with, not to mention all the other action-packed side events that are open to players of all levels, skills, and bankrolls.

With some luck, you will be able to win the CNY1,888 Main Event that comes with a whopping CNY10,000,000 guaranteed prize pools.

Asian Poker League (APL) Trophy Event Schedule

DateDayTime (UTC)Time (HKT)Event NameCurrencyBuy-inGuarantee Jan 30Sun12:3020:30#1: Zodiac Bounty MILLION$ Tip-off [Final Day]CNY2102,022,000 Jan 30Sun11:0019:00#2: Da Nang River’s OpenerVND1,050,0002,500,000,000 Jan 31Mon11:0019:00#3: Hanoi Enter the Dragon [6-Max]VND2,200,0002,000,000,000 Feb 1Tue11:0019:00#4: Lunar New Year Bounty FestivalCNY525800,000 Feb 2Wed11:0019:00#5: Ho Chi Minh City ChampionshipVND3,300,0003,000,000,000 Feb 3Thu11:0019:00#6: Taipei Bounty HunterTWD2,1003,000,000 Feb 4Fri11:0019:00#7: 2022 Winter Games ClassicCNY8881,000,000 Feb 5Sat09:0017:00#8: Jeju Jade DragonKRW110,000100,000,000 Feb 5Sat11:0019:00#9: Seoul Starleague BountyKRW210,000200,000,000 Feb 6Sun11:0019:00#10: Macau Grand PrixCNY3,3002,500,000 Feb 6Sun12:3020:30#11: Winter Championship [Final Day]CNY8803,880,000 Feb 7Mon11:0019:00#12: Tokyo Poker OpenJPY5,00010,000,000 Feb 8Tue11:0019:00#13: Manila Metro MillionPHP1,1002,500,000 Feb 9Wed11:0019:00#14: Kunshan King of the Hill [Bounty 6-Max]CNY630800,000 Feb 10Thu11:0019:00#15: Sanya Bay Shooting StarCNY550800,000 Feb 11Fri11:0019:00#16: Xi’an Silk Road BountyCNY8401,000,000 Feb 12Sat09:0017:00#17: Kunming Mountain Monster StackCNY550800,000 Feb 12Sat11:0019:00#18: Shanghai Masters of PokerCNY1,1001,000,000 Feb 13Sun11:0019:00#19: Beijing Capital CupCNY2,2002,000,000 Feb 13Sun12:3020:30#20: Main Event [Final Day]CNY1,88810,000,000

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