Lost Ark Fragrance and Fish Quest Guide – How to Complete

Lost Ark Fragrance and Fish Quest Guide

One of the many side quests in the game that takes you to a new island is the Fragrance and Fish quest in Lost Ark that takes you to Panda Island. As you can guess by the name itself, the island is occupied by the Pandas. This Lost Ark Fragrance and Fish Quest Guide will show you what you need to do in order to complete this side quest.

The quest begins when you have sailed to Panda Island and get the objective of finding three hidden clue locations.

Lost Ark Fragrance and Fish Quest Guide

The quest gives you the three clues, where you need to find the places that are behind the Stone Lantern, past the Panda, and a place that crosses with the cliff.

Lost Ark Fragrance and Fish Quest Guide

For the first clue that hints about the Stone Lantern, you need to go to the northeastern part of Panda Island that takes you straight towards the lantern. This location will have a small family of pandas with small cubs playing around next to a wooden platform on the left. Go past these pandas, continuing north and you will reach a small but thick bamboo forest. You can pass through this to the next area which will complete this clue.

The second clue is quite vague as it says you need to go past the Panda. This location is on the western part of the island and is quite easy to overlook and get confused over. This area will again have scattered cubs walking about, but you should be looking to pass through the thick bamboo trees on the left which takes you to the hidden area all the way to the left, away from the screen. Although it may seem that it is an unreachable area just because you can’t see it on the screen, you can easily pass through and get to your destination.

The final clue wants you to go to the place that crosses with the cliff. The specific location is in the south of Panda Island which is a path that deviates away from the island on the mini-map and is a location where you are jumping from one cliff to the next. Continue down this path all the way to the end and you will complete this objective as well.

Once you have found all the hidden places in Panda Island, you will complete the Fragrance and Fish quest.

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