KLEVV Reveals Its New DDR5 Range of Standard and Gaming Memory


KLEVV, the memory brand by Essencore, has revealed its new DDR5 range of standard and gaming memory sticks. Almost every memory maker has now released their own range of DDR5 range with the new Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake platform coming out soon. KLEVV DDR5 memory range includes both the DDR5 standard memory stick as well as overclocking/gaming RGB DDR5 memory sticks.

KLEVV DDr5 memory also offers the assurance of QVL testing with major motherboard brands’ Z690 platforms which is specially made for the latest Intel 12th generation Alder Lake processors. For its standard desktop memory series, KLEVV is going for U-DIMM, and it will adopt SK Hynix chips. It will first launch in a 16GB capacity with JEDEX standard frequencies of 4,800 MHZ CL40-40-40 at a power-efficient 1.1V.


The KLEVV standard memory kits have passed QVL testing with Z690 motherboards from nearly all of the leading brands including ASRock, ASUS, Gigabyte, and MSI. Following the 16GB kits, 32GB and standard memory kits for laptops in the SO-DIMM factor will release at a later stage. Coming to the overclocking and gaming RGB DDR5 kits by KLEVV, they will arrive in 2022.

It will continue the unique design of the current CRAS XR RGB and with the addition of a brand new white color to the RGB lighting effects. The gaming DDR5 memory kits will be ideal for enthusiasts and gamers looking for the maximum speed and intense color for their gaming rigs. It will feature speeds of up to 6,400 MHz however the exact specs of these gaming DDR5 memory kits will be revealed at a later stage.

KLEVV plans to release the standard DDR5 memory kits during the end of Q4 2021 while the company is aiming for early 2022 as the release window for its gaming DDR5 memory modules. Both of their memory kits will support all new DDR5 platforms. Additional details will be shared by KLEVV at a later stage.

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