Horizon Forbidden West Slitherfang Guide – How to Beat, Weaknesses

Horizon Forbidden West Slitherfang Guide

Slitherfang is a new serpent or snake-type of machine introduced in the game that adds to the list of the various deadly machine enemies in Horizon Forbidden West. Slitherfang is one of the toughest machines in the game, purely because of its speed, aggressiveness, and variety of attacks. This is where our Horizon Forbidden West Slitherfang Guide will show you how to beat this enemy machine.

Horizon Forbidden West Slitherfang Guide

Before you take on a Slitherfang, make sure to make use of the enemy scan mechanic that the game has, which will then reveal all the weak points and parts on the machine, keeping them highlighted for you to hit with your weapons.

When you do begin a fight with a Slitherfang, it will immediately begin with its variety of attacks depending on the distance between the two of you. This includes the poison beam that it spits directly at you, forcing you to take cover, and it leaps at you with its whole body to crush you or hit you with its giant fangs.

And while you will try to attack, the Slitherfang is always moving its head around, making it hard for you to aim at its weak spots. The Slitherfang is more deadly when you are close to it, and when it has you in its range of melee and projectile attacks, but when you keep a distance, it will never hesitate to bury itself in the ground and jump out from under your feet. This is another attack that you should always be looking for and get ready to avoid when the machine pops back up.

Moving on to your strategic approach of beating this machine, you should be looking for the weak spots, and also learning about what the machine is weak to. The Slitherfang machines are weak to Fire, Frost, and Plasma damage. So make sure you have weapons and ammo that deal these types of damages to effectively deplete the machine’s health and parts.

When attacking, you should focus on the weak spots that become visible when the serpent machine stands up straight like a cobra ready to swipe. This reveals the Metalbite Sac that contains the poison or acid, and the Earthgrinders that it uses to move around and dig underground.

Taking out both these parts deal massive damage to Slitherfangs, significantly increasing the odds of winning a battle. The Metalbite Sac explodes when you successfully destroy it, hurting the machine very badly in the process. The Earthgrinders hinder its movement, taking away the element of surprise as you now have it in your sight at all times.

With most weak spots hit, continue hitting the other vulnerable spots to completely beat a Slitherfang.

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