Horizon Forbidden West Mounts Guide – How to Get All Mounts

Horizon Forbidden West Mounts Guide

Mounts are the main sort of travel for Aloy in Horizon Forbidden West and is a feature that is nothing new to the game. Starting new in a Horizon game, most players will be looking to get a Mount if not all the Mounts in the game and this is where this Horizon Forbidden West Mounts Guide will show you how to get them.

Mounts are friendly overridden machines that Aloy can use to travel distances faster than just running around. However, Mounts can also be used in combat where they can fight alongside you, aiding you in combat, or even distracting larger, dangerous machines away from you.

While most of the machines in the game can be Overridden, not all of them can be mounted. The game only has 4 Mounts that you can override and use as your mount:


Horizon Forbidden West Mounts Guide

Horizon Forbidden West has 4 different types of Mounts in the game. The first Mount will be story unlocked, where the game will explain how they work, how to override them and how you can summon them to your location. Any other type of Mount will require you to have the machine override unlock which is specific to one of the Cauldrons in the game.

Mount #1 – Charger

The Charger is the first Mount you will get in the game, which is also story unlocked. This means that you don’t have to do anything special, other than to follow the steps of overriding a Charger, mounting it and using it to run around.

Mount #2 – Bristleback

The Bristleback will be unlocked when you complete the first Cauldron in the game called the TAU Cauldron. These special dungeons are the main way of getting Override unlocks for machines, and this is where you will get the Bristleback override unlock.

Although a herd machine, the Bristleback has its tusks that it uses not only for grazing but also for performing melee attacks. The Mount is weak to Shock Damage but is strong against Acid Damage

Mount #3 – Clawstrider

The Clawstrider is another mountable machine that can be overridden and be made Aloy’s Mount in the game. Much like the Bristleback, you will need to get the override to unlock for this machine, and this can only be done by completing the IOTA Cauldron.

A menacing and more dangerous version of a Strider, the Clawstrider comes equipped with razor-sharp blades covering all of its body, all while being fast and agile. The Clawstrider is weak to Shock Damage, and is strong against Acid Damage.

Mount #4 – Sunwing

This is a new type of Mount in the game which allows you to mount it and fly anywhere you want. Unsurprisingly, a lot of players will be looking to get their hands on this machine and use it as their main Mount for traveling around the huge map.

To unlock the Override for the Sunwing you need to complete the GEMINI Cauldron, which is a part of the main story quest: The Wings of The Ten. After completing the Cauldron, all you are left to do is to find the Sunwing in the wild, sneak up and Override it to make it your mount.

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That’s all the Mounts that you can get as explained in this Horizon Forbidden West Mounts Guide. Post your comments below.

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