Horizon Forbidden West Greenshine Guide – Where to Find, Uses

Horizon Forbidden West Greenshine Guide

Greenshine in Horizon Forbidden West is a mineral that you will have to get in order to upgrade your weapons and armor. Greenshine is not that common and will have you looking to get some, but fortunately, it is only used for some of the best gear and weapon upgrades. This Horizon Forbidden West Greenshine Guide will show you where are the best places you can find Greenshine

This means that while the item is rare, it is not required for the rest of the weapon and armor upgrades that fall in the Common and Rare types.

Horizon Forbidden West Greenshine Guide

Now let’s take a look at what Greenshine looks like, and what are the places where you can find more of this item.

How to Get Greenshine

Greenshine can be found all throughout the open world of the game, where you will be accumulating a reasonable amount of it by just harvesting it wherever you can spot it. Greenshine is a green crystal that is best found underwater or near a water body like rivers.

Having said that, the best place to get a lot of Greenshine is in the Sunken Caverns, which are hidden areas that won’t be indicated on your world map. Instead, you will need to go to these areas to actually find them. Once you are near the Sunken Caverns, a question mark will appear on the map, indicating that you are near this area. Caverns don’t have an endless supply when you enter this area, and the game will highlight how much of the item is left in the area you are in.

However, there are many other such locations that give you a reliable supply of Greenshine. Other areas that contain Greenshine are walls marked by Fireglam, or just behind the metal flower vines.

Once you have enough Greenshine, open up your inventory and look to upgrade your best weapon or armor that you want to buff for Aloy.

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