Horizon Forbidden West Fast Travel Guide – How to Unlock

Horizon Forbidden West Fast Travel Guide

Fast Traveling in Horizon Forbidden West will yet again be the most sought-after feature that newcomers will want to have. Considering the big map like the previous game, you don’t want to wander around from one point to the other. This is where our Horizon Forbidden West Fast Travel Guide will show you how to first unlock this feature, and how you can subsequently use it to your advantage.

Horizon Forbidden West Fast Travel Guide

Fast Traveling works the same way as in the previous game, Horizon Zero Dawn. But it has been some years since the game came out, and most players might need a refresher on how this feature works.

How to Fast Travel

The game lets you fast travel via two methods. The first is the simplest and the one that is available for free, which is to travel from one discovered campfire to the other. If you open up your map, you will find a lot of campfires scattered all around the map. Any campfire that you have previously visited can be fast traveled and will be highlighted on the map.

If you haven’t discovered a campfire, there is no other option but to go on foot and interact with it. Once you have done that, you can fast travel from the camp to another discovered camp without any cost or other limitations.

This, however, is not the only way you can fast travel in the game. Horizon Forbidden West allows you to purchase Fast Travel Packs from vendors that can be used to travel to any discovered campfire location from any location you are in. The advantage here is that you don’t need to go to a campfire to fast travel, but instead use a pack anytime and any place that you are.

Fast Travel Packs cost 25 Metal Shards each and can be bought in multiples. Keeping them handy in your inventory will get you out of tricky situations when you want to dip out of a location quickly.

Much like the first game, fast traveling will seem a little grindy at first but gets significantly easier as you get a mount, explore more areas, and have enough to purchase multiple Travel Packs in hand

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