Elgato Launches Key Light Mini Portable LED Panel

Elgato Key Light Mini

Elgato has just launched its portable Key Light Mini edge-lit LED panel that features the same technology as the Elgato Key Light.

The Key Light Mini features multi-layer diffusion, a rechargeable battery, a small form 6×4 small factor making it possible to create professional-looking content anywhere you want.

Elgato Key Light Mini

The compact and durable Key Light Mini is fitted with a metal chassis with premium OSRAM LEDs powered by a fast-charging, intelligent battery that offers up to 2 hours runtime at the full brightness level, 4 hours at half brightness capacity, all on one single charge.

The ere is a 1/4-inch thread and magnetic back panel on the Key Light Mini that allows it to be slotted on any setup, whether you mount it on a camera, tripod, or a metal surface. Key Light Mini is fully compatible with the Elgato Multi Mount system, so creators can effortlessly customize their existing studio lighting setup.

When you plug it on a wall outlet in your studio, you can activate the Bypass Mode which preserves the long-term battery health.

As for the light itself, the Key Light Mini shines at 800 lumens and is fully dimmable, while a color temperature range from 2,900-7,000K enabling you to dial in for the perfect indoor or outdoor look. The light settings are adjustable from the onboard controls or wirelessly when connect to a Wi-Fi network using the Elgato Control Center app on your mobile device. Or when you are using the Elbato Stream Deck integration, you can instantly control the brightness and color with one touch.

Julian Fest, SVP and GM of Elgato had this to say about the Key Light Mini,

Key Light Mini takes premium, edge-lit illumination beyond the desktop. Elgato’s lighting technology is renowned for superior quality and powerful performance. Now, creators can take that technology wherever they go, without needing an extension cable or external battery. It’s an incredibly versatile lighting solution that works flawlessly from the studio to the street.

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