Dying Light 2 Ultimate Weapon Quest Guide – How to Complete

Dying Light 2 Ultimate Weapon Quest Guide

One of the side quests in Dying Light 2 is called the Ultimate Weapon where you are promised the ultimate weapon by the Monk in Horseshoe. This Dying Light 2 Ultimate Weapon Quest Guide will show you how to get the quest and complete it.

Dying Light 2 Ultimate Weapon Quest Guide

The Ultimate Weapon side quest is given to you by Monk, an NPC found in Horseshoe. The exact location is to go south from Willow Windmill. Talk to Monk and he will tell you about the Ultimate Weapon, promising it to be the most powerful weapon. Pay the money and then go to each of the possible locations of the weapon.

The first location is right above Jack and Joe’s Bandit Camp where it will be on top. The location will also be marked on your map, but instead of going inside the building, you need to whip out your parkour skills and climb the platforms outside the building to reach the top. When you reach the top, all you have to do is to open up the empty chest, and then head to the next location.

The second location takes you to the top of the viaduct, which again will be marked on your map. Use the rope to swing to the other side right and then walk on the yellow beam. Lean the beam up and then leap towards the broken structure. This will take you to the second chest location.

Once you have completed this objective, return back to the Monk after learning that the chests were all empty. At this point, you can either demand back the money you gave the monk or choose not to. Either choice will end the mission.

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