BLACKTAIL Getting an Extended PC Demo During Steam Next Fest

BLACKTAIL Extended demo

THE PARASIGHT team has announced that an extended demo of their upcoming first-person action-adventure title BLACKTAIL is coming for all PC players during the upcoming Steam Next Fest. The demo will go live on the game’s Steam page on February 21, 2022, and will feature an extended amount of content as compared to last year’s [email protected] Winter Game Fest Demo.

The upcoming extended demo of BLACKTAIL will feature a feast of new content for witches seeking to explore the dark and mysterious woods. It will feature new areas, skills, fights, and much more. This particular demo will offer content worth over 2 hours with tons of new and never-before-seen things. The demo showcases new skills and combat abilities. Since morality plays a vital role in the game, a lot of abilities in the game are based on this morality.

For example, the new Hocus melee attack will either leech (health drain) or Sunlight (stun) based on whether Yaga is on the path to evil or good. Similarly, many other skills will change according to Yaga’s morality in the game as well. The new Broom area-of-effect ability will focus on damage or crowd-control based on Yaga’s choice. Both these base skills and their upgrades later in the game will be dependent on Yaga’s choices.

During the demo, new collectibles have been scattered throughout the forest as well including toads and Boboks. It will also feature the in-game almanac, a new inventory system, Morality tags and Log, and a brand-new Easter egg mini-game as well. This particular demo of BLACKTAIL will be offered during the upcoming Steam Next Fest exclusively.

BLACKTAIL is slated for release on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5 later this year however the upcoming Steam Next Fest demo will be the most detailed demo for the game to date. BLACKTAIL is THE PARASIGHT’s first title and previously, the developer shared a new trailer for the game as well.

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