Guardians of the Galaxy Choices and Consequences Guide

Guardians of the Galaxy Choices and Consequences Guide

Guardians of the Galaxy Choices and Consequences Guide

In this Guardians of the Galaxy Choices and Consequences Guide, we will guide you on choices and their consequences in Guardians of the Galaxy. Guardians of the Galaxy is a game that relies heavily on your choices and their consequences on the entire galaxy around you including your teammates. Some of the decisions will also affect your relations with your team while some decisions will affect the whole of the galaxy around you.

Choices and Consequences Guide – Guardians of the Galaxy

Our Guardians of the Galaxy Choices and Consequences Guide details everything that you need to know about choices and consequences in Guardians of the Galaxy.

All Choices and Their Consequences in Guardians of the Galaxy

You will find all of the choices that you can make in the game and what consequences they have in the game below:

Chapter 1 Choices and Consequences


Reassure or Spook Groot
Reassuring Groot allows you to comfort Groot with dialogue

Spooking Groot allows you to scare Groot by telling him that they might get shot on the spot to which Groot gets spooked and Rocket laughs

Investigate Thumpers or Let Rocket Work
Investigating Thumper follows a humorous dialogue followed by a shut-up call to Rocket by everyone on the ship

Let Rocket Work allows you to continue minding your own business as you let Rocket carry on with his work

Cash or Rep
You choose Cash and tell Rocket why cash is important

You choose Rep and tell Rocket why rep is important in the universe

Defend New Members or Let Rocket Reminisce
Defend allows you to take the side of Drax and Gamora

Reminisce allows you to let Rocket talk about his past

Chapter 2 Choices and Consequences


Double Down or Lie
Choosing Double Down allows you to promise the ship captain that you are not smuggling anything and discuss your past with her

Choosing Lie will make you lie to the captain that your navigation system was broken.

Hide the Creature or Hide the Tech
Hiding the Llama will disappoint Rocket and later you will be fined 7,000 Units

Hiding the Tech will disappoint Gamora and you will be fined 8,000 Units later in the game. This choice will also unlock lock-on rockets for your ship.

Back Pedal or Stick Up for Nikki
Choosing Back Pedal will make you say that Nikki has conviction and not in a bad way. The elevator will continue to go up, but Nikki will not be happy

Choosing Stick Up for Nikki will not make Nikki’s mother get better with her and she will continue to be upset with her. She will then lock down the elevator however her mum will realize that her daughter has bypassed all of the security systems

Make a Joke, Back Up Ko-Rel, Reactivate Elevator
Choosing to Make a Joke will make you say a joke and both Nikki and her mother will not be impressed, the argument will continue however Nikki will eventually trust you enough to give you her room key

Choosing Back Up Ko-Rel will allow you to make things worse as Nikki ends up losing access to her key

Choosing Reactivate Elevator does not work and both of them become disappointed with you.

Side with Ko-Rel or Help Nikki
Choosing to help Ko-Rel will allow you to gain the trust of Nikki and get your hands on the passkey

Choosing to trust Nikki will make matters worse and Ko-Rel will tell Nikki to empty her pockets, which she refuses

Tell Ko-Rel the Truth, Divert Attention or Take the Blame
Choosing to tell Ko-Rel the Truth will make Nikki lose her passkey and she will become upset with you

Choosing Divert attention will make you say to Ko-Rel that you still have feelings for her which will divert the attention of everyone. Nikki will lose her key and she will not trust you either

Choosing to Take the Blame will make Nikki give you her passkey and earn her trust as well.

Do the Math or Ignore the Math
Choosing to do the Math will net you a 7 or 8 thousand fine and you must pay the rest of the fine in cycles as well

Choosing to Ignore the Math will make Star Lord stay with Ko-Rel after a few goofy acts

Chapter 3 Chapter 2 Choices and Consequences


Hear Out Drax, Call on Groot, Focus on Rocket
Choosing Hear Out Drax allows you to make everyone listen to Drax where he details the monster

Choosing Call on Groot makes Rocket translate everything Groot says which is that ideas should be combined

Choosing Focus on Rocket makes you listen to what Rocket has to say and Gamora will simply say you do not have time to sell your ship

Vote to Sell Groot or Rocket
Voting to Sell Groot changes the mission as you will encounter different cutscenes and the mission changes after meeting with Lady Hellbender. This is good for stealth approaches

Voting to Sell Rocket changes the mission as you later use Rocket’s mind to track him down and free him. This is for people who want a more chaotic approach to the mission and Rocket will remember your decision as well

Encourage or Stop Drax
Choosing to Encourage Drax will make Rocket angry, and you will later tell him about his 10% increase of his cut

Choosing to stop Drax will make you go down into the area and look for another way to cross the area

Encourage or Stop Drax (Available only if you decide to stop Drax the first time around)
Choosing Encourage will make Drax throw Rocket in turn making him angry

Choosing to stop Drax will make you look for another route yet again

Stand Your Ground or Change Your Mind
Choosing Stand Your Ground will make Groot enter the cage and later on in the game, a few cutscenes will change

Choosing to Change Your Mind will make Rocket enter the cage instead and this will make Gamora angry

Deflect, Qualify, Rationalize, Compromise, Reassure or Argue  (Flashback)
All choices lead to the same result with just a different Star Lord’s dialogue

Chapter 4 Choices and Consequences


Side with Rocket or Gamora (Result is same for both options)
Siding with Rocket will make him make fun of Gamora

Siding with Gamora will just make Star Lord say that he trusts Gamora

Take the Lead or Encourage Drax
Choosing to Take the Lead will make you introduce yourself to the queen leading to an awkward situation

Choosing Encourage Drax will lead to a more comfortable deal and your previous choice of Groot or Rocket will be used here

Encourage Cuteness or Push Ferociousness (Applicable for Rocket only)
Choosing Cuteness will make you present Rocket as a super cute animal and this only follows the chaos

Choosing Ferociousness will make you present Rocket as a killer and a strong creature

Price Negotiation (Applicable for Groot Only)
Choosing Offer Less will stick you and Gamora to 10,000 Units while Drax says 20,000 Units. The queen offers 9,000 however price is settled at 9,537

Choosing to Support Drax will make you stick to his offer of 20,000 Units. The lady offers 15,000 but Drax will need to stay however the price is settled at 12,000 Units

Price Negotiation (Applicable for Rocket Only)
Choosing Stick with It will make Rocket give the price of 20,000 Units however price negotiations will fail, and chaos will follow

Choosing to Offer Less will give the queen an offer of 12,000 Units but sadly negotiations fail again, and Rocket loses his cool in this case as well.

Chapter 5 Choices and Consequences


Ask About Crime or Ask About Nova Corps
Choosing Ask About Crime will make you ask the criminal about his crime

Choosing to Ask About Nova Corps will make you ask the criminal about what is going on around the location. This opens up the option of interacting with the holding cell or not. If you decide to hit the switch on the holding cell, you will lower the cell and Rocket will laugh at your action

Put It Down or Speak into Helmet
Choosing to Put Down the Helmet will make you throw the helmet and not speak in the helmet. At the end, you will witness the executions of Nova Corps members

If you speak into the Helmet, you will invite some guards over for some action and you will then get to choose Retreat or Ko-Rel. Choosing either will result in the same thing.

Chapter 6 Choices and Consequences


Defer to Gamora, Tell the Truth, Pretend you Remember, Freeze and Say Nothing
Choosing Defer to Gamora will make Gamora tell a little about the past and eventually singing will start

Choosing, to Tell the Truth, will make you say the truth that you do not remember him which makes him upset about forgetting about the blood oath

Choosing to Pretend you Remember will make you say that how can you forget a face like that made him laugh and eventually singing

Choosing the last option of saying nothing will make the singing start eventually however you will need to join in as well

Like a Hurricane or Sweetest Lover (Song Lyrics)
Rolling Like a Hurricane – Both men will sing along

Like a Lover – This makes everyone to stop, and he gets angry, asking you to be right

Cherry Lips – This angers the man and turns him into an enemy

Through the Rain – This option salvages your friendship and gives you a coupon

Buy the Disabler or Refuse the Disabler
You will end up with the Disabler, a black market device

You tell the dealer that your Tech guy will come back to complete the deal

Lets Play, No Thanks, Play Again
Choosing No Thanks will skip the game and you will back away from it, angering the brain

Choosing Let’s Play will make you play the game as you have to play a game of guessing where the ball is giving you a reward

Choosing Play Again will cost you 1,500 Units and the game will be rigged as the brain will run away with your money

Play Slots
You will spend 500 by hitting the jackpot and the machine will malfunction at the end

Check on Drax or Focus on the Rift
Choosing to Check on Drax will allow you to check on him and discuss your family members

Choosing The Rift will allow you to ask Drax about what happens if you go through the Rift

Choosing Disagree with Drax

Important or Enemies (Flashback)
Choosing Important makes your mother detail about your father being a king of an entire world and how you will be just like him.

Choosing Enemies makes your mother tell you about your father’s people being at war and how he gave his life to save Earth

Chapter 7 Choices and Consequences


Defuse the Situation or Push Back
Both options will make you and Rocket shout at each other

Sell Out Rocket or Stick Together
Choosing to Sell Out Rocket will make you say that you have nothing to do with Rocket and he fights with everyone on the team

Choosing Stick Together will have everyone stand united and Gamora will detail that they are here to investigate the Nova Rock

Red or Yellow Power Supply
Choosing Red will open the door and throw everyone out in the space before a QTE kicks in to unlock a new elemental shot

Choosing Yellow yields, the same result as above

Sweep the Leg or Ride the Stars
Choosing Sweep the Leg will make Gamora remember it

Choosing Ride the Stars will make Gamora remember it

Question the Math or Do the Math
Choosing Question the Math allows you to make the focus again on the task

Choosing to Do the Math allows you to focus again on the task as well

Confess or Deflect
Choosing Confess makes you admit that the creature is similar to the one you released

Choosing Deflect makes you say that Rocket is right, and you have no idea about the creature released

Chapter 8 Choices and Consequences


Distract Raker, Feign Interest or Support Gamora
Choosing Distract Raker allows you to distract Raker by pointing out his face

Choosing Feign Interest makes Raker think that you are taking so much interest that he starts detailing the whole story with Rocket doing his job in the background

Supporting Gamora gives you to option to cover for Gamora and learn more about the energy as well. This opens up additional choices which are Something About Her, Something About Them, and Something About Him to ask Raker followed by two more choices Admire the Con where you pretend that you like his spiritual mission and Fake Heart Attack where you pretend to have a heart attack

Rethink Choice or Accept the Promise
Choosing to rethink the choice, the cut-scene will return to the point where you saved your mother, and you will now have to break free

Choosing Accept the Promise will end the journey

Play Along or Come Clean
Choosing Play Along will make you say that you did not forget anything, and you are on a mission to set everything up

Choosing Come Clean will make you say that you forgot, and you are then informed about your mission

This guide is a work-in-progress, and we will add the remaining chapters to this guide soon. In the meantime, check out the guides linked below:

This concludes our Guardians of the Galaxy Choices and Consequences Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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